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The team behind – Life By Own Design

LifeByOwnDesign is a collaboration of two super affiliates, a husband and wife team that are passionate about bringing value and helping people develop skills in digital marketing to build their own businesses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see individuals from all the corners of the world, step into their greatness. That they learn how to create a life and lifestyle where they are truly happy and fulfilled, by empowering themselves and then helping others to do the same. Our purpose is to assist as many people as possible to manifest their dreams and achieve their potential. To live healthy, balanced and thriving lives, whether as an individual, family, or community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to wake people up to the possibilities and choices that each individual has available to them, so that they may build a happy, thriving and secure life for themselves and their family.

Our Business Model

The LifeByOwnDesign team gets paid commissions by recommending and reselling products and services we trust and use ourselves from other companies.

Meet The Team

Sebastian Cannon

– Tech and Marketing Specialist

Beata Tworek-Cannon

– Relationship Manager and Marketing Specialist

Our Values

GRATITUDE: For us, gratitude is the reminder of everything we love and have in our lives. We are blessed to be able to be here and to be able to help others in the world.

HAPPINESS: We believe that happiness should not be something that we are contastly striving for… It should be something that is such a big and constant part of our lives, that we can say that we are truly living a happy life.

FULFILLMENT: We understand that fulfillment is everything. There is no real lasting happiness with living a fulfilled life. That is why we purposefully choose to run our businesses and live our lives from a place of helping others achieve their goals and dreams. 

FREEDOM:  We wish for everyone to feel free to be who they are and live life on their terms. With flexibility, security and abundance. Free to move and explore the world, free to make their own choices. Live the life they deserve.

SERVICE:  We wish to bring as much positive value as possible into the world, sharing knowledge and experiences.  We are dedicated in helping others to achieve happiness, well-being, wealth and fulfilment. By working together and supporting each other we can all make a difference in the world.

FAMILY:  It is extremely important to use to spend time together as a family, grow together and never miss out on important happenings and cherished memories.  It is a gift and a privilege to see and be part of every little experience in our daughter’s lives. Teaching them, bringing the best out in them and learning from them.

SUCCESS: We feel strong and powerful in accomplishing our goals, working hard in achieving desired results and having a purpose. We are passionate and excited in creating wealth, abundance and achievement for our self and others.

CHARACTER: We know that character is the cornerstone of achieving a great life in all the important areas. It is our character that determines how we act and react in the day-to-day, and how determined we are in overcoming any obsticle that stands before us and realizing our dreams.

EASE & SIMPLICITY: We love the way we use technology and systems to make our life and our businesses run more easily and smoothly. Auto-pilot has become a reality since beginning the journey of our digital lifestyle.

SELF-REALIZATION: Abundance, wealth, travel. These are all wonderful things. But we understand that the real treasures of life are found within. It is from working on ourselves and uncovering the true beautiful nature of ourselves, that we can truly shine our light in life.

LEGACY: We wish to create something beautiful and lasting for our daughters and their children. We understand that hard work and effort are required to build something great. That’s why we are dedicated to always improving ourselves, our passions and growing our legacy.


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